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    Tarot Tuesdays : The Fool

    Tarot Tuesdays : The Fool
    Posted on 6 comments
    As we go into the new year I felt it would be a good time to introduce a new series I wanted to start Tarot Tuesdays. Ever other Tuesday I...

    Haus Of Cult Library - Top Book Picks Of 2018

    Haus Of Cult Library - Top Book Picks Of 2018
    Posted on 2 comments
    When I am not working, or even when I am (I confess I listen to a lot of audio books) I am constantly lost in a make believe world or learning of past times. I decided to compile a list of books I read this year and think are worth noting. Some are informative and some are for the peer pleasure of make believe. A handful of these books came out this year but some maybe older. 

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