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As we go into the new year I felt it would be a good time to introduce a new series I wanted to start Tarot Tuesdays. Ever other Tuesday I will be posting and talking about a different tarot card. I may go in order of each card or I may sway from the path if a certain card or lesson is pulling at me. My hope is to make these quick reads and hopefully give you something to think about throughout the week. Lately I have felt thirsty for knowledge about the occult and history and hope you follow along with me! 


The Fool :: The beginning the journey. 
The fool has a foot in both worlds, one on solid ground and one in the past that you are leaving behind. Being the beginning of the year the fool can fit into all of our lives. While going into a new year many of us want to leave behind old habits, memories, old ways, and move forward and develop new habits, memories and ways. While you may feel nervous about moving forward and some fear, remember to be excited and this journey is in love. You may stumble, fall, and screw up, you may feel like you have no idea where you are going but follow the path the fool will guide you. 
It's important to make the first step you have the whole world ahead of you, so remember keep it light, fun, and hang on for the ride!   
Fool card in image is from the Darkness Of Light Tarot Deck 


  • mhgvluomkl: March 24, 2021

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • ycQCrsqM: October 06, 2020


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  • Isabel: July 30, 2020


    Do you still sell the Darkness of Light Tarot deck ?


  • Amanda Patino: January 20, 2020


    I’ve been loving your tarot collection so much that I legitimately looked to see if you sell a tarot deck. I understand that you don’t, however you should consider it because what you have so far looks amazing and would be great if you could team up with the artist to do more. Anyways, just a thought. Let me know if you do 💘

    Best of luck!

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