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Haus Of Cult Library - Top Book Picks Of 2018

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When I am not working, or even when I am (I confess I listen to a lot of audio books) I am constantly lost in a make believe world or learning of past times. I decided to compile a list of books I read this year and think are worth noting. Some are informative and some are for the peer pleasure of make believe. A handful of these books came out this year but some maybe older. 


The Secret Circle Series By L.J. Smith
This is not by any means a new series but I decided to read it in its entirety this year. If you were ever a fan of the show on the CW you must give these books a read. While clearly written in the 90's, theres mention of a beeper instead of a cell phone.. it's still some good witchy fun. 


A Modern Guide To The Ancient Craft: Inner Witch


By Gabriela Herstick
I first heard about this author on one of my favorite podcasts The Witch Wave. Some of you may recognize her as earlier this year she also did an interview on our blog! I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend for anyone just starting out with their witchcraft practice. Its very informative on an array of topics and covers anything a witch needs to know while keeping it fun. 


A Discovery Of Witches By Debroah Harkness



While this is the first book in the trilogy this is as far as I have gotten. I am HOOKED on this series. While feeding my love for Twilight its also a very new take on witches, vampires, demons, and forbidden love. I can't wait to read the rest of this series.  


Norse Mythology By  Neil Gaiman


I am a big fan of Norse Mythology and really loved how this book told their tales and explained the myths in story like fashion. 


The Song Of Achilles: A Novel 


Written from the stand point of Achilles lover  Patroclus from their childhood friendship, all through the Trojan war, and ultimately his death. A very interesting take on the tale of Achilles while being a love story all at the same time. 
Exile On Front Street: George Christie




This book was especially neat to me not only cause of my love for motorcycle culture but the Hells Angel's Ventura Club House is right down the street from where my parents currently reside. While former president George Christie talks about what it was like growing up in Ventura and running the club I could almost see it while driving around the little beach city. 


What books found their way into your library or phone this year? What should I be reading? Let me know in the comments down below! 




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