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Dead Posey & Dancin With The Devil

Dead Posey & Dancin With The Devil
Posted on 6 comments
We spoke to leading lady  Danyell of Dead Posey before they headed out to their European tour. She had lot's to say about her pre show rituals, the beginning of...

Tarot Tuesdays : The Fool

Tarot Tuesdays : The Fool
Posted on 7 comments
As we go into the new year I felt it would be a good time to introduce a new series I wanted to start Tarot Tuesdays. Ever other Tuesday I...

Haus Of Cult Library - Top Book Picks Of 2018

Haus Of Cult Library - Top Book Picks Of 2018
Posted on 2 comments
When I am not working, or even when I am (I confess I listen to a lot of audio books) I am constantly lost in a make believe world or learning of past times. I decided to compile a list of books I read this year and think are worth noting. Some are informative and some are for the peer pleasure of make believe. A handful of these books came out this year but some maybe older. 

Make It Nasty - Gina Katon Of Little Miss Nasty

Make It Nasty - Gina Katon Of Little Miss Nasty
Posted on 39 comments
We're in love with the Little Miss Nasty girls and if you haven't seen their show yet you need to get on that ASAP! There's nothing like some rock n roll and burlesque. 
We caught up with Gina Katon of Little Miss Nasty before she heads out on tour, where she will not only dance every show but will also perform with her band Gina & The Eastern Block! 

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