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Where do you find that you draw inspiration from?
In fashion, I wear what our music makes me feel. There is a darkness, heavy and
masculine tone to our music which makes me want to wear a structured style but also
a touch of light and femininity which makes me feel like a flowing cape and
sometimes a dress. In music, I draw my inspiration from my real life experiences and
honest thoughts about myself and other people. It’s important to me to be as
transparent and honest as possible and pulling straight from my own life and giving
everyone a real look into my life and connect with people through music.


 Who are some of your fashion icons?
I have so many favorites that I’m definitely inspired by.. Debbie Harry, Karen O,
Twiggy, Marilyn Manson actually as well as a bunch of fashion blogs that tend to
inspire me from their overall aesthetic.


Go to touring outfits?
I normally wear some type of a black cape and body suit with black pants from
American Apparel. I have experimented with many outfits but always come back to a
sleek and slightly masculine look. I love high collars as well.


 Who are some artists you are excited to catch at EPR this year?
So many! I always have my favs, Lauren Ruth Ward, Draemings, and Twin Temple but I am real exited to see Sad Girl and Holy Child for the first time.


 What’s next for Holy Wars this year?
We are about to release our second EP titled “Father” which is part 2 of our dual EP
“Mother” and “Father” both with 3 tracks on each and ending with our song “Mother,
Father” which inspired the 2 EP’S and was a song I wrote for my parents after their



Catch Holy Wars at the Wild Riot X The Pretty Cult Stage presented by The Lost Knight at Echo Park Rising on August 20

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