Wendy Bevan On Why She Is A Leopard & Much More

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We would be lying if we said we weren't stoked for Wendy Bevan's set this upcoming Sunday at the Bootleg Theater. We had a chat with her about a few of her favorite designers and why a leopard is her spirit animal... check it out below

What is your spirit animal?

The Leopard- as a symbol this cat reminds you that you have many skills, capabilities,

inner resources but, you need to accept your own spots and use them as your own

strengths. You have the power and the strength to accomplish everything you dream

of. You simply have to believe, have faith and find the right path. Persistence is the


What inspires you most?

Spending time with my family and my friends; the simplicity of noticing the world

moment by moment, not living in the past, not living in the future, just respecting the


All time favorite outfit you have worn or have future plans to wear?

Vintage leopard print pant suit, leopard print boots and leopard print hat.... Triple leopard

always works well together.

Top three favorite designers or brands?

Dries Van Noten, Marni, Isley Mikayke

What are your future plans for this year?

After the release of my new EP Love From The Moon next month, i will be starting to

write a new project here in LA, I can’t give too much away though....


Catch Wendy Bevan and many more talented women (and men!) this Sunday April 9 at the Bootleg Theater

RSVP & More Info:: https://www.facebook.com/events/719079321594043/


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