Iress On Their Plans For This Year & $10 Tattoos

We chatted with Iress on house parties, $10 tattoos and much more below...

1. What are your top three favorite female musicians or muses?


Alex- Brody Dalle, Emma Ruth Rundle, Kim Deal
Michelle- Carole King, Angel Olson, Chan Marshall


2. Favorite thing about house party shows?
House party shows can be more chill and gives us the opportunity to hang with our friends and fans.


3. Where do you like to pull inspiration from?
Our everyday lives and past experiences are where we pull most of our material from. Michelle and I like to dive into the darker corners of ourselves when we write but like to keep each theme simple.



4. What can we look forward to seeing from Iress this year?


Iress plans on writing a new album as well as going on our first tour.  We are very excited to move forward with our recent name change and will be releasing a new EP in May.


5. Lastly, do you all plan to get a $10 tattoo at Union House next weekend?


Catch Iress at Union House March 25 at Shop Used Shop Local and The Pretty Cult's Spring Break Fest.


Iress Single Crown Of Losers out now on Play Like A Girl records

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