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"The Magician Crystal Tarot Bottle"

$ 12.00

New Tarot In A Bottle now with crystals. We all have a card or multiple cards that resonate with us throughout our lives. These were created with the intention of carrying that card with you throughout life and close to your heart. Each one of these are handmade with love, thought, and intention. The Magician card is from the Rider Waite tarot deck. 

This bottle comes with rose petals and white turquoise crystals inside. 

Solace - Well being - Purification - Healing. The powerful white turquoise stone is very similar to the original turquoise stone, they have the same metaphysical healing powers. Also known as one of the oldest stones in history, used by shamans and warriors. 

  • Would also make a beautiful addition to any altar or home. 
  • Currently available in all major arcana cards

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