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Lilith Roll On Perfume - 1 LEFT

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Made under the full moon our new roll on Lilith perfume with scents of clove, apple, patchouli, and amber. Each bottle contains Red Jasper crystals inside. 

Lilith can be known as the goddess of fertility that brings you a sense of growth and support from a place of motherhood. Allow the aromas of apple, clove, patchouli, and amber bring you an embrace of divinity that visits when you are curious to begin a new endeavor or start a new adventure. Like the tiny fragile legs of a newborn doe Lilith shall guide you with her fruit and caring hand to steady your stumble and support your visions and dreams. 

  • 10 ML
  • Amber glass bottle 
  • Made in collaboration with Little Ghouls 
  • Contains coconut oil

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