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Eclectic Witch Herbal Tea- LOW STOCK!


$ 11.00

Celebrating all eclectic witches as a witch dances in the moonlight of her room, twirling to the music and magick.. 

The Pretty Cult & Little Ghouls bring you the ultimate Eclectic Witch herbal tea blend. Invoke your inner eclectic witch with scents of lavender, absinthe, frankincense, and vanilla musk.

  • Little Ghouls herbal tea blend that can also be used for ritual work. A soothing yet empowering feeling settles upon you as your clairvoyance enhances. Drink before bed for  aiding in lucid dreaming. Containslavendar, mugwort, and schisandra berries. Complete with Little Ghouls eclectic Witch illustration on front. 

Tea blend is made with all organic products.

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