Twin Temple on Spirit Animals & Catholic Funeral Processions

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When I first saw the imagery of Twin Temple I was instantly taken. I had to know more... I sat down with Alex and Zach asked them a few questions and convinced Alex to try on some of my capes with her Veil..

What is each of your spirit animals?

Alex: We're really into ancient Egypt and one of my favorite goddesses has always been Bastet, especially her earlier incarnation as a lioness. So I would have to say some kind of cat, probably a black one (laughs)

Zach: Definitely a snake. A snake named Lucifer

Top three favorite designers?
A & Z: Sisters of the Black Moon are dear friends of ours and make the most beautiful pieces- they kind of elevate the forest witch and our favorite magical female characters of fairy tales to new heights.
Recently we got to work with stylist Brandy St. John for our music video for “Girl Trouble”. She has made the most amazing custom Jack White’s hand sewn pearly king suit or Karen O’s studded all seeing eye leather. She is an amazing creative force, from poetry, music to visuals. It was incredible to work with her. We went for this dark triple goddess look for me (Alex), and Victorian New Orleans voodoo doctor for Zach.
Also, our other dear friend Chris Francis has been blowing our minds with his latest amazing creations...technically they would be shoes, but they’re really just amazing pieces of art that happen to take the format of the shoe. We were lucky enough to have him make these incredible metallic custom leather jackets a while ago, and they’re still some of our favorite pieces of clothing.
What are your go to show looks?
A: Well all black is a given, haha. I spent a summer in Spain when I was a teenager and I really enjoyed a lot of the Catholic funeral processions and flamenco style- my friends older sister was a flamenco dancer and I fell in love with that world, visually and sonically. I recently bought this black lace funeral mantilla (veil) and really tall peineta (hair comb for the veil) from Spain and I've been obsessed with that. Plus really black Egyptian cat eye make up. Both are kind of my ceremonial armor because I feel they protect me psychically on stage.
Z: A black metallic brocade Dior suit & lumerian seed crystal bolo tie.
Alex: And also a black Dracula slick back with a really good widow’s peak (had to add that in for you Zach.)
Dream artist to tour with? I know this is a hard one…
A&Z: Wow...there are so many, but right now we’d have to say Dr. John. He is the real deal. I mean you have this mystical amalgam of all our favorites... New Orleans, Voo Doo Queens, snake charmers, black magic hexes… all under the cover of incredible classic American music. He is a beast. We recently got to meet him backstage before one of his shows on the John Lennon bus, and he was holding court fully decked to the nines in gatorskin shoes and with what could only be called a wizard staff of selected juju from around the world...hanging out telling stories about him and Roy would hang joints from the Christmas trees...we would really love to just to watch him play every night and listen to him tell all of his wild stories.
Favorite thing about the Christmas time?
A&Z: Adding to our curio cabinet collection....we inevitably give each other some sort of dead animal, skull, picture of a dead person….or other such romantic item.
What are you looking forward to most as a band in 2017?

A&Z: Recording more songs with our friend, engineer and co-producer Kevin Mills. We got to wrap up 5 songs at our studio (Starry Eyes) and the studio of Wendy + Lisa from Prince with Kevin, and it was one of the most inspiring and creative experiences for us. We can’t wait to work with him again and record more. Also, we shot a killer video with our friend Meeno Peluce, we won’t give away too much but it is in a magical antique building from the 1800’s and we’re really excited to premier that.


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