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Ruby The Hatchet Is F*cking Killer

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Photo Mike Petzinger

Before Ruby The Hatchet hits the road with Windhand we were able to chat with Jillian Taylor  leading lady who's voice shakes us like an earthquake.

You’re about to hit the road with Windhand, what’s your pre tour ritual?
My ritual has evolved since getting a scary diagnosis of laryngopharyngeal reflux disease from my ear nose and throat doctor a few years back (swallowed a little camera to find acid all over my voice box that creeps up without a sign)! Before and throughout tours now I’m typically detoxing and practicing an Ayurvedic / alkaline diet. If you’re into this kind of thing, I’m a Leo/Leo rising with a Pitta dosha; basically a lion on fire, eating fire. Now it’s no booze, no smokes, no caffeine, no fried/fatty/spicy foods, and a strict curfew on eating…everything has to be minimal, cooling and clean. On top of this I was vegetarian/vegan for over 10 years, then told by doctors I needed to eat red meat, then told by specialists I need to basically go vegan again when performing. Sometimes I’m 100% on, and other times (say, when in Europe) there is no way I can go without indulging myself and the moment. It’s all about balance just like anything else. This diagnosis ended up being a life and voice saver since I’m such a control freak, and now I’m at my healthiest when on the road!
What are some of your go to tour outfits?
Somewhere between Dio, Priest, Peg Bundy and Sabotage-era Ozzy. Big boots, chain belts, hell bent for leather and fringe!

Photo Hillarie Jason

We’re obsessed with this album and the track “Killer” what was the inspiration and driving force behind this record?
Thank you! I’m inspired by writing from different perspectives and I’m a big time true crime nerd. “Killer” was written when I was really into the Zodiac case, but a lot of the other songs are from more mythological, medieval or futuristic viewpoints. Definitely intrigued by history and timing and how it plays out with human nature. A Planetary Space Child is kind of the culmination of all these things; the history we know, the now we have to live in, and whatever the future holds. Poor bastards!
What else are you doing when you’re not playing with Ruby The Hatchet?
When I’m not on the road I like to lay low; homebody style with my dog or riding motorcycles with my mom and step dad in the Pine Barrens. I’ve worked on the design team at Free People for 5 years between Jackets and Pants categories, and this past year I opened a vintage showroom called Electric Garden with my best friend/roomie/other bandmate Carly. Definitely check it out if you’re in the market for one of a kind treasures or aesthetic stimulation – / !
Photo Mike Petzinger
Last question, if you could have a super power what would it be?
I thought about this one long and hard! I enjoy the journey of traveling, I have minimal desire to read another human’s mind, and flying or breathing underwater would get old and lonely. Ultimately all my best moments have been shared and enlightening experiences, so I would want the ability to communicate with animals. Mainly for the sake of my pet snake Charlie, and my rescue dog Klaus…but what do I know anyway 

Catch Ruby The Hatchet on tour with Windhand here in LA at The Roxy on April 23! Get your tickets HERE

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