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Make It Nasty - Gina Katon Of Little Miss Nasty

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We're in love with the Little Miss Nasty girls and if you haven't seen their show yet you need to get on that ASAP! There's nothing like some rock n roll and burlesque. 

We caught up with Gina Katon of Little Miss Nasty before she heads out on tour, where she will not only dance every show but will also perform with her band Gina & The Eastern Block! 


Let’s go to the beginning, when did you know you wanted to be a dancer and when did you start dancing?
Dance started at a very young age. Maybe 5 years old? Music was always huge in my household since my Dad is a musician and had his own Rock Band (and still does). Thinking back, I took Ballet and Tap. Then I got into Gymnastics a couple years later. That then led me learning Jazz, Hip Hop and all sorts of other styles of dance. So basically I can do any style!
What gave you the idea to start Little Miss Nasty?
The Viper Room was looking to create a hot Rock & Roll Burlesque Show and approached me to create one. They knew me and the fact that I’d been involved in other popular sexy Rock/Dance shows in and out of town was a bonus. I was in 40 Deuce “Royale Jelly” Show while it was hot in Hollywood. I was also in The Pussycat Dolls and actually moved to Vegas on a 6 month contract with PCD. I had also just come out of doing a couple year stint with a badass Rock n Roll girl group created by Matt Sorum (Guns n Roses) called “Darling Stilettos” at that time. I held the nickname of the “Nasty Stiletto” since I was so over the top sexy and nasty in my performances. I also used “Nasty” as my go-to adjective for anything I loved... So I carried my nickname into the new group I was creating. Little Miss Nasty. 


I am curious how do you go about picking the songs you did for the show? Everything is so cohesive and heavy the whole time we love it!
Picking music for the show is so fun! For LMN, I didn’t want anything to be obvious. Not the typical songs you would expect to see in a “Rock & Roll Burlesque” show, like the typical cheesy 80’s hair metal Sunset Strip stuff. Not that that type of music isn’t fun it’s just not Little Miss Nasty. :)
I went the opposite direction and picked things I loved. Songs which are sexy to dance to. Dark, Heavy, creepy, nasty, 90’s. I went with vibes from Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Korn.. Slipknot. Dirty Hardcore shit. I also mixed in some fun stuff like Peaches and Sleighbells into our “Very Bad School Girl” set to balance it out. Of course we have some classics from bands like Rage Against The Machine, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as well. I had a little help from Marc Jordan the co-producer of LMN. He basically told me if my choices were cool or not. He has a strong opinion. Haha. A couple song choices also came from the co-choreographer Tarin Pratt. I even snuck one of my band's songs into our set that has became the highlight of our show. “Sippin’ on a Forty”. Nothing like a little cross promo. ;)
Music and performing is obviously such a big part of you, that you’re also in a band. Talk to us about Gina And The Eastern Block.
Yes Gina And The Eastern Block! Another one of my babies.. I’ve always been into making music. Writing songs. Performing in any way I can. Marc and I started Gina And The Eastern Block in 2012 and have been making music and playing shows ever since. We basically have a "fuck it" type attitude and create & release any type of song we feel like. There is no rhyme or reason. We just do what we want to do when we want to do it. 
You have a tour coming up this summer, what else is in the works for LMN / Gina & The Eastern Block?
Tour is coming up and we are so excited. I love traveling and connecting with fans from all over. I love traveling on a Tour Bus and playing shows every night. It takes a strong person to handle the road. You have to be cut out for it. 
Not only do I get to sing with my band every night, I also get to perform in Little Miss Nasty every night! LMN will be headlining several shows on this run as well as opening for In This Moment on a few shows. It’s going to be badass! We are so happy and lucky to get the opportunity to do fun things like this!


8/7 Barrington, IL - Penny Road Pub (w Gina And The Eastern Block)
8/8 Saint Paul, MN - Amsterdam Hall (w Gina And The Eastern Block)
8/9 Madison, WI - Orpheum Theater (w In This Moment, New Years Day)
8/10 Sioux Falls, SD - Bigs Bar (w Gina And The Eastern Block)
8/11 Sturgis, SD - Iron Horse Saloon (w In This Moment, New Years Day, Gina And The Eastern Block, Texas Hippie Coalition)
8/13 Billings, MT - Shrine Auditorium (w In This Moment, New Years Day)
8/15 Denver, CO - Marquis Theater (w Gina And The Eastern Block)
8/16 Wichita, KS - Barleycorn's (w Gina And The Eastern Block)
8/17 St. Joseph, MO - Cafe Acoustic Music Hall (w Gina And The Eastern Block)


All Tour Tickets and VIP Meet & Greets available at


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