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International Women's Day - True Violet

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We had the pleasure of spending an entire day with the ladies of True Violet. The day started by meeting at their home studio near Woodland Hills CA, where we outfitted them in some of their favorite cult items. Our photographer for the day Heather Koepp arrived and instantly we were on that creative flow. After a day of shooting and eating pizza I sat down with Jessie, Alayna, and Kayla to have a chat about the new album below, here's what they had to say. 


You guys have a new record brewing, what is the inspiration behind it?

We’re self producing our album and drawing inspiration from within and through old
and new artists. We love Curtis Harding, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Childish Gambino, Leon Bridges, Portishead, Alabama shakes and so many more!  We really feel like this album is coming together nicely with our mission and vision.

You have some dates coming up this March, what is your pre show ritual?

Every show we try to have a pre show huddle and speak of our trust in each other and love for one another.

Do elements of being a practicing Wiccan’s heavily influence your music?

We practice spirituality every day and try to focus on bringing light to all people through our music. Our true practice happens at our jam space where we play our instruments and take time to manifest our new moon wishes every month. We believe the true magic happens when we come together as a trinity and create.

What is each of your zodiac signs?
Jessie-Sun in Gemini + Gemini Moon,
Kayla-Sun in Sagittarius + Leo Moon,
Alayna Sun in Leo + Pisces Moon 

 What are you most excited to do as a band this year?

We’re excited to create this album and get on the road! We’re also hoping to make
amazing merch with The Pretty Cult ;)
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Model/ Band: True Violet
Photography: Heather Koepp 
Stylist: Satan's Seamstress 

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