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Dead Posey & Dancin With The Devil

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We spoke to leading lady  Danyell of Dead Posey before they headed out to their European tour. She had lot's to say about her pre show rituals, the beginning of Dead Posey, and the Devil... 


Where do you find that you draw inspiration from? We heard you
are a practicing Wiccan! Does this influence your music or song
writing at all?


Tony & I both have our own interests that we kind of smash together.
Lyrically I have inspirations from all sorts of things that mostly hinge
on the melancholy side of life. Anything a little off & twisted I find
fascinating because I believe we are all a little off & twisted. Even
dreams can be inspiring for writing a song (as is the case with
“Boogeyman” from our first EP). This realm we all inhabit is beautiful
but also dark - the fact that any of us exist is insane to me.
As far as being a Wiccan goes... I don’t identify as anything other
then a spiritual soul that happens to incidentally follow a lot of the
Wiccan ways like using sage, setting positive intentions while burning
candles, carrying my different rocks and crystals as well as living by my
arm tattoo that’s a Wiccan saying - “Do what you want, as long as
you harm none.” I identify with Albert Einstein’s quote “All religions
are branches of the same tree.” So I try to relate to everyone and
believe in people treating each other with love & respect, even though
some people are a tough pill to swallow! But I eventually come
around to accepting them for who they are so I can keep evolving.


 We are obsessed with the track Don’t Stop The Devil (we blare it in
our studio all the time) what was the inspiration behind this song?


Love to hear you are all blaring DSTD, happy it helps you get through
your work day! Tony & I were talking about how some relationships
we can all be in sometimes aren’t good for us but we can’t help but
coming back for more even though we know it’s dangerous. This
goes for any addictions you might have too. Kind of like selling your
soul to the devil so to speak. So DSTD is kind of a tip of the hat to
those relationships/addictions most of us have had where we
couldn’t quit get enough even though we knew it wasn’t good for us.
I’ve felt like some of my ex’s were the devil & felt like an addiction that
I couldn’t break away from. Who knows maybe they thought that of
me too...
 Who are some of your fashion icons that you are influenced by?


At the moment I’m really into any aesthetic geared around southern
goth, punk & grunge. My fashion icon is the color black!
I’m pretty obsessed with oversized graphic t-shirts, big coats &
 How do you prep for tour? When thinking of stage outfits do you
just wear what you like or do you have a vision?

Preparing for tour consists of me over-packing like it’s the
apocalypse. Anything to make the road feel like home I bring. I am a
little neurotic when it comes to being prepared; it’s a problem. I
always have sage, candles, incense, an essential oil diffuser & the list
goes on. Plenty of Febreze too to keep road vehicles and clothes
smelling fresh! Wish I could bring my cat Midnight too but she would
probably go ballistic being in an RV.
 When did you first start playing music and what was the journey to
starting Dead Posey?

I started playing piano when I was in elementary school till about 9th
grade and I do remember so clearly wanting to ask my parents if I could
do singing lessons as well, but I thought I couldn’t sing so I never
asked. In high school I stopped piano to continue playing on my club
and varsity soccer teams. My focus was on boyfriends, soccer &
freaking my parents out by sneaking out of my bedroom window all
the time. I got along with most people in school but always felt like I
didn’t quit fit into any particular clique. I’m sure if I found some
musician friends when I was in school it would have been a whole
other ball game for me. I did keep a notebook full of poems to myself
and did have a craving to sing & perform but just wasn’t the right timing
for me. After high school I did modeling, acting, hair & random
serving jobs to pay the bills till I met Tony who brought me out of the
closet as a singer/songwriter. It was my aha moment, feeling this
would be the only thing I do in my life where I feel like my complete
self - and I have never been more happy & sad at the same time
because of it. I think when you unlock yourself to being a songwriter
you tap into the deepest darkest parts of your mind and that can be a
scary place sometimes but has been really therapeutic and an outlet
for me to be my true self. I felt like I was late to the party for a long
time since the entertainment industry glorifies youth; the younger and
sexier you are equals better. But now I realize for me I had to have
some life experiences in my teens and 20’s before I could really dive all
in. Everyone’s story is different and I hope one day we can all evolve to
a level where race, sex and age isn’t relevant & just being who you are is
Anyway, a year after meeting Tony he and I wrote a song together when
he saw I had interest in singing and writing. Shortly after that I started
my first band with a friend I had met around LA. My friend and I played
all kinds of shows with either 1 person in the room but never more
then twenty people in the venue. That’s a humbling experience in itself
and is what showed me that even if there was one person in the room
I was enjoying every second of that show because I loved performing
so much. That band was a good learning experience for me and taught
me who I wanted to be as a musician and what I wanted to say to the
world through music. It also taught me that I wanted this to be my
career and not just for fun. It was time to start a new band with the
right focus so that’s when Dead Posey was born. After a lot of time in
the studio with Tony we released our self titled EP and kind have
been on a good road of highs with the occasional setback here and
there. As soon as our publishing company landed us our first
placement we’ve had a lot of good growth with fans looking our way
through streaming and socials. For a band only having played 3 shows
and landed a handful of placements we had our now-label sign us
about nine months ago and our agents signing us at the top of this year.
It’s been extremely gratifying having all these little victories with this
forward momentum. It’s tough out there for bands and artists with so
much noise, so to be able to bite through some of that one piece at a
time has been rewarding. Dead Posey has a long way to go to get to
where we want to be but just being able to write music and perform in
front of people who have turned into fans is an amazing journey. I
hope to be doin’ this till I die!


Lastly, what are you looking forward to most on upcoming tours
and what’s next for Dead Posey!?


Connecting with people every night at the shows. It’s like a big
seance where everyone is welcome and can forget about their
worries & just breathe for a bit. It’s one of the most gratifying parts of
being a musician - when you get that human connection with the
audience, it’s like magic.
We recently had a new single Fire Burnin’ come out and are anticipating
our next single and video to be released sometime this summer. We’ve
been writing new music and want to dive into an album for the rest of
the year. In the meantime we look forward to playing at Louder Than
Life & Aftershock this fall.
All Photos By Paige Sara @paigesaraphoto


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