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Ammo Bankoff Of Brass Box On The Ying & Yang Of Creating And Business Goth

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The minute I heard Ivory Skies by Brass Box for the first time I wanted to run through a field of flowers on a cloudy day in one of our capes, lay down in the tall grass and let Ammo Bankoff's voice roll right over me. So naturally I sat down with her to find out what inspired her signature look of red hair, all black attire, and of course what she wore for Halloween. Here's what she had to say... 

All time favorite outfit you’ve worn or have future plans to wear?

I don’t have a favorite outfit unless anything black counts? I usually get stuck on an item of clothing and think oh if I ever loose this I would be so upset and then I find myself giving it away a few months down the road. I tend to wear things based on my mood and my moods can last for days or years… The common thread since the ripe age of 14 has always been what I call “Business Goth.” Combat boots, fishnets, and a blazer is everything I’ll ever need.

Top three female muses:

The first ladies that come to mind are Ellen Von Unwerth, Cindy Sherman, and Agnes Varda. All three artists have such a raw vibe about them. Agnes Varda was at the forefront of French New Wave filmmaking and the only female during that time. All three women introduce strong femininity in their work that encourages women to own their own power and sexuality. They utilize the idea of what it means to be a woman as they see fit instead of leaving others decide that meaning for them. Additionally, I’m lucky to say that my friends are all amazing and talented creatures that also emanate strong female energy and I think they inspire me more than anything.

Favorite Designers or brands?

I’m a fan of Ann Demeulemeester, Vivienne Westwood, McQueen, along with a number of other designers. Independent and 2nd hand stores are also my go-to. I sometimes think it’s not always the designer that interest me as much as artists, photographers and filmmakers… I’m more intrigued by something or someone that evokes a feeling. Creative types really do it for me more than anything else.

When do you find yourself most inspired?

Much of my inspiration comes to me when experiencing others works of art. Visual art, such as drawings and films always inspire my writing. When working on music I usually have a scenario and feeling in my head playing like a movie. Then I cut away at it until it all fits together like a puzzle.

Inspiration can come at any time it’s like a gift sent from the gods. Like Ying and Yang, it needs balance and nurturing. It’s something I’ve discovered you can’t force. The more you try and force it the farther away it moves. I’ve had massive lulls where months have gone by and I’ve created nothing significant. Then in one day you’ve created enough usable material for a lifetime. Although, I’ve created enough trash for a lifetime as well.

Dream artist you would want to open for?

This such a tricky question. It’s like asking who your favorite band is… an impossible question to answer. Many of the artists that I would want to open for probably sound nothing like Brass Box. Marilyn Manson would be pretty fun, but I think I would rather hang out with him. The Screamers or Flux of Pink Indians would satisfy me immensely… the audience would be severely confused and probably not be very forgiving. Christ, maybe The Damned? Dead Can Dance would really do it for me though.

Lastly, What were you for Halloween?

A Rothschild surrealist party guest.


Brass Box's dreamy new EP Ivory Skies can be streamed below!
Catch their EP release show happening this Saturday at Vegas Meat Market in Echo Park! More info below, we wouldn't want to miss this. 



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